Stop the Global Banking Cartel

Are you fed up with the unchecked fraud, greed and seemingly-unlimited power of the major banks?

You are not alone! Citizens from across the globe are infuriated by the corrupt banking system.

Join the millions of banking customers around the world who are peacefully withdrawing their money from major banks in a coordinated, global effort.

If you do your banking with BANK OF AMERICA, CHASE, WACHOVIA, WELLS FARGO, CITIBANK, US BANK, SUNTRUST BANK, NATIONAL CITY BANK, MORGAN STANLEY, UNION BANK, UBS, MORGAN STANLEY, GOLDMAN SACHS, BRANCH BANKING & TRUST,  REGIONS BANK, COMERICA, PNC BANKS or any of these other major banks -- pull your money out and put it with a local, regional bank or a community credit union instead.

- It is the banks who own and corrupt the political process in America today.
- It is the banks who fund war and oppression across the Globe.
- It is the banks who launder the lions share of black-market drug trafficking money.
- It is the banks who fund corporations that are offshoring our jobs.
- It is the banks who took taxpayer bailouts and still won't lend, protecting the wealth of their shareholders instead. 
- In spite of the bailouts, BIG bank CEOs continue to rake in massive bonuses and salaries.

Your home, your job, or your business is now probably gone or on the edge due to the inordinate power and control that the global banks have over all of us today. 

In Washington, the view is that the banks are to be regulated, and my view is that Washington and the regulators are there to serve the banks.
                                                -Congressman Spencer Bachus (AL)
                                                           December 8, 2010 in The Birmingham News

Is this guy kidding us! Unfortunately he is not. This comment proves that our government is at the beck-and-call of the Big Banks!

NOW is the time for all sovereign people to strip the power from the BANKS.

There is no need to protest in the streets or take time off from work to make a difference. All you need to do is go to your local bank branch today and politely say to the teller: "I'd like to close my account." That's it! It's simple, painless, and powerful. In this way, the People can send a very powerful yet peaceful message to the Elites that WE are in charge.

Nonviolence is the rock on which the whole structure of noncooperation is built. 
- Mahatma Gandhi

World-Famous soccer star and actor Eric Cantona (Manchester United / 'Elizabeth') got it absolutely right when he said the following: 
What does it mean to demonstrate in these days? Nothing. Demonstrations in the streets are for the deluded. They lead to unnecessary violence, and place energies out in universe that accomplish nothing except to further the aims of the oppressors.

Humans need to remain centered in the Now -- as Humans -- and to take effective action from a Human perspective. We engage and remove the oppressive system not by trying to bludgeon it down, but by deflating it.
Simple human actions can cripple collective systems easily. 
Hear more from his recent TV interview:

It is time for a massive, non-violent public response to the banking cabal that has collapsed our economies and thrown us out of our homes and into the unemployment lines

Enough is enough!

Thoughtful, peaceful resistance is what our movement is all about.